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Word Dictionary [040515]

Word of the day: juxtapose
Definition: v. place (things) side by side.
Synonyms: apposition
Etymology: F juxtaposer f. L juxta next: see POSE(1) (more…)

pronunciation: ˈdʒʌkstəpəuz

from Oxford: juxtapose
1 place (things) side by side.
2 (foll. by to, with) place (a thing) beside another.
Derivatives: juxtaposition n. juxtapositional adj.
Etymology: F juxtaposer f. L juxta next: see POSE(1)

from Wordnet: juxtapose

v : place side by side; “The fauvists juxtaposed strong colors”

from Wikipedia: juxtapose; Juxtapose may refer to: Juxtapose by Tricky Juxtapoz Art & Culture Magazine JXTA, an open-source protocol

Quote of the day: All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. by Walt Disney

Khajeh Abdollah Ansari

Khajeh Abdollah Ansari

Birthday of the day: Khajeh Abdollah Ansari; Abu Ismaïl Abdullah ibn Abi-Mansour Mohammad or Khajah Abdullah Ansari of Herat (1006-1088) (Persian: خواجه عبدالله انصاری) was a famous Persian Sufi who lived in the 11th century in Herat (then Khorasan, now a city of Afghanistan).

Joke of the day: A pilot landed a plane with a rather bumpy landing. As part of his job he was required to stand by the terminal door and say goodbye to the passengers as they exited the airplane. He was afraid that someone might say something about his rather less than perfect landing, but everyone left without saying a word except for one passenger, an elderly lady, she slowly approached the pilot after most passengers had exited the plane and asked, ‘Did we land? Or were we shot down?’

Thought of the day: Time is a created thing. To say ‘I don’t have time,’ is like saying, ‘I don’t want to.

Fact of the day: 1256 – The Augustinian monastic order is constituted at the Lecceto Monastery when Pope Alexander IV issues a papal bull Licet ecclesiae catholicae.

Biography of the day: George Brent; George Brent (15 Mar. 1899-26 May 1979), actor, was born George Brendan Nolan in Shannon bridge, Ireland, to John Nolan, a newspaperman, and Mary McGuinness Nolan. During his Hollywood career and for many years thereafter, publicists and Brent himself claimed that his birth year was 1904. Orphaned at the age of eleven, George lived for a time with his maternal grandparents in Dublin before being sent to New York City to live with an aunt.

Article of the day: Secret of Mana; Secret of Mana is a 1993 action role-playing game in the Mana series, developed and published by Square for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The sequel to the 1991 game Final Fantasy Adventure (Mystic Quest in Europe), the game follows three heroes as they attempt to prevent an empire from conquering the world from an ancient flying warship. Unlike other role-playing games of the time, it features pausable real-time battles. A cooperative multiplayer system allows a second or third player to drop in and out of the game at any time. Secret of Mana was directed and designed by Koichi Ishii, programmed primarily by Nasir Gebelli (pictured), and produced by veteran Square designer Hiromichi Tanaka. The game received considerable acclaim for its brightly colored graphics, expansive plot, innovative menus, and real-time battle system. Critics also praised the soundtrack by Hiroki Kikuta and the customizable artificial intelligence settings for computer-controlled allies. The original version was re-released for the Wii’s Virtual Console in 2008, an additional release for mobile phones in Japan was produced in 2009, and an enhanced port of the game was released for iOS in 2010 and Android in 2014.

Did you know: a) that in order to convince defensive end Jody Schulz to sign a letter-of-intent, former East Carolina Pirates football coach Ed Emory took a plane to Kent Island during a snowstorm? b) that Russian wildrye is ‘one of the most versatile forage grasses available for dryland pastures’? c) that the 1931 Vickers Type 161 may have been the first aircraft to be fitted with in-flight adjustable elevator trims? d) that the broad whitefish is eaten by brown bears when they cannot find salmon?



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